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We've developed a thriving business with lots of potential opportunities to collaborate and share with other established photographers and filmmakers.

Whether you specialise in climbing, watersports, mountaineering or any other adventure activities we want to hear from you.

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Sharing skills, experience, tips & tricks is a fuflilling way to live and we try to embody that here at TAP, especially with our Aspiring Adventure Photographers

Bringing in new business as an independent photographer can be tough and we all know there's so much more to a successful career than just 'getting the shot'

At The Adventure Photographers we're fortunate enough to be regularly contacted with exciting new projects and opportunities. We want to share what we have built with talented individuals and develop an open, collaborative way of working with others in this field of work.

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The projects that flow into our inbox are exciting and varied.

From expeditions to working on large feature films, we love checking our emails to see what awaits.

By expanding our community of photographers & filmmakers we hope to hook up the right shooters with the right jobs.

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