with The Adventure Photographers

We're looking for aspiring adventure photographers to join our team in flexible freelance roles.

We provide on-the-job training in both photography and outdoor skills, and - importantly - combining the two to capture amazing images.



Are you into the outdoors lifestyle and want to improve your photography?

Or are you already a photographer who wants to get into more dynamic & diverse places with your camera?

Here at TAP we provide on-the-job training to develop your photography skills as well as technical proficiency in a range of outdoor skills including rope work and water safety

You'll learn how to capture the best images, safely in a range of exciting environments

Canyoning photography ropes


Whilst you are out there learning - be earning!

Earn commission by selling your photos on adventure activites with our help.

Our photographers work with some of the largest and most reputable activity providers in the UK offering experience photography services to their clients.

Our success rates are around 85% and we strongly believe in letting the shots sell themselves.

Coasteering photography scotland


The life of an adventure photographer is an exciting and rewarding one.

Our work takes us to beautiful canyons, rivers, coastlines and mountains.

And the people you meet - also drawn to these wild places - are often ones you'll remember for life

The lifestyle is a huge part of being an adventure photographer. We think it's the dream - that is why we do it - why not see for yourself?

Friends canyoning switzerland

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