Clients & ProductionS

V7 Academy - canyoneer abseils down waterfall
Ocean Vertical - coasteering jump into the sea from rocks with onlookers
Mountaineering Scotland - guide demonstrates navigation with a compass and map on the ground with onlookers
Intrepidus Outdoors - canyoneer laughs as she climbs out of a white water pool with waterfall in background
Seatrek Scotland - a snorkeller gives the okay signal under the sea
River Rock - a hiker places a bottle of whisky into a backpack
Zero Impact Adventures - A ski tourer pulls a pulk across frozen sea ice in Greenland with icebergs in background
My Bib Number - a female ultra runner smiles as she climbs a hill with waterfall, lochs and mountains in the background
Aban - four young female cyclists chat and laugh as they cycle down a country road
Susc Events - A skier does a backflip off a kicker on a dry ski slope
GCI - A group of young adults jump in the air and pose to a camera in a field with trees in background
Skye - an abseiler descends into a sea cave on Isle of Skye