Charlotte Workman

Charlotte founded eco-business The Adventure Photographers and is committed to the celebration & protection of the natural world through her work.

"My happy place is on top of a skin-track in the mountains, or hanging beside a waterfall in a canyon, camera in hand. Awesome places that you have to earn to be.

These moments have motivated me to become skilled in the outdoors and continue to stay curious of the natural world around me. Exploring the bigger picture and enjoying the journey along the way"


Charlotte embarked on a 220km splitboard journey through the remote wilderness of NE Greenland with two other adventurers. She captured the journey as a collaboration between The Adventure Photographers & Zero Impact Adventures, and is creating a film on the record breaking-attempt and wider climate issue.
Check out more on the expedition below and find links to the film page:


Speaking Events

Charlotte Workman presenting a talk infront of a group

Charlotte has an inspiring story to tell. Whether it's starting a sustainable business whilst building an off-grid cabin during a pandemic, or dealing with frostbite whilst filming in the arctic, Charlotte can deliver a thoughtful and tailor-made talk for your audience.

The Adventure Photographer Charlotte Workman above the clouds at sunrise on Ben A'an in Scotland taking landscape photos


IG: _charlotteworkman_


IG: _charlotteworkman_