Split adventure film ski tourers pulling pulks across frozen sea ice in eastern greenland with icebergs in background

In Production

“How do we navigate our minds, our fears and our passions in a time of crisis?

A six week splitboard expedition in Arctic Greenland.

Self-supported, self-inflicted, selfish…?”

Supported by:



The Arctic Club

A person stands beside a splitboard in greenland looking at the aurora borealis northern lights
two adventurers looking out of a small round plane window onto a snowy backdrop
the pilot of a small propellor plane looks back from the cockpit giving the thumbs up
Charlotte Workman adventure filmmaker pulling a pulk across frozen sea ice in Greenland
Aerial photo looking straight down onto three ski tourers pulling pulks across sea ice with shadows
Ski tourer at a winter base camp with red tent and gear spread around the image with Stauning Alps in the background
Two splitboarders pulling pulks towards large snowy mountains in the Stauning Alps
A splitboarder boot packs up a steep mountainside with crampons
Three faces of the expedition team