Who are ZIA

Zero Impact Adventures (ZIA) are a team of explorers who believe travel & climate-change does not need to be a bad relationship. The team is headed up by Tom Reynolds and James Van Der Hoorn.

Hoping to lead by example, ZIA are embarking on a record breaking (and carbon-negative) expedition through the mountains & glaciers of Greenland.

In doing so they want to produce a gripping documentary following the mammoth 300+ mile journey and highlight how we can all adventure for the better.

That is where we come in. The Adventure Photographers will create the documentary with head photographer Charlotte joining the expedition team.

James Van Der Hoorn Tom Reynolds

What they say....

"In every journey we take, we all have a responsibility to minimise our footprint. Through engagement, awareness and education we can even have a positive influence.

We truly believe that through harbouring our adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors we can be part of big social change."


Stauning Alps Greenland Map

Over 300 miles across NE Greenland

Tom, James & Charlotte will be travelling across the Stauning Alps by touring ski & splitboard in the Spring of 2022.

A world record attempt

The expedition is one of endurance and the longest of it's kind attempted by splitboard. Not only does the team aim to set this world record, they also plan to summit two never before climbed mountains in the Stauning Alps.

for global climate science

Scientific data will be collected en route to aid in two ongoing environmental studies of this dynamic and rapidly changing landscape.

Glaciers, sea ice & polar bears

The team will set off across sea-ice pulling sleds weighing up to 100kg. They will follow glaciers, scale mountain passes & traverse fjords. Daily threats include 60mph arctic winds, plummeting temperatures of 30 below, glacial instabilities in a warming climate, and not to mention the polar bears...

creating hope

In creating this documentary following a challenge that has no guarantee of success, we endeavour to offer hope & inspire action in a world where equal uncertainty & challenge faces us all

Stauning Alps Greenland Map

What ZIA say about us...

What ZIA say about us...

'We are both really excited to work with Charlotte & The Adventure Photographers team.

Their enthusiasm & passion for promoting positive environmental practices is a great fit for us at Zero Impact Adventures.

We just hope she doesnt have too keen a sense of smell, stuck for 40 days in a tent with two guys...

How can I get involved?

This is a passion project dedicated to our beautiful planet

And we need your help getting there!

Charlotte has dedicated her free time to picking up litter in order to raise funds for the filming of this expedition.

She will start where she can under current lockdown guidelines, and continue to rid Scotland's natural places of deadly and toxic litter up until the expedition date.


We'll be posting updates on our channels but make sure to follow the ZIA channels to really support the expedition. It helps more than you know!


Sharing our expedition is a great (and free!) way to help make this documentary happen. It's vital we garner support to get us to Greenland.

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