Find Mor: Canyoning in Scotland an adventure film poster. A canyoneer looking downstream in a dark encased gorge


Exploration. Community. Discovery.

“Scotland still has its mysteries roaring in remote glens and sometimes hidden in plain sight. 

Concealed deep in the Highlands, there remain hard-to-reach canyons unmapped and unexplored. 

This is a story of these wild places and those trying to find them.”

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Two canyoneers hike through thick fern on a Scottish mountain towards a rocky summit in cloud
Two canyoneers look towards a deep crack in the mountainside surrounded by trees and bushes
A canyoneer reaches towards the anchor while abseiling on a rope above a dark gorge
Adventure filmmaker Steve Small films a canyoneer in a dark cave
A canyoneer abseils down a 20m pitch with two waterfalls on the left hand side, shot from above
Two canyoneers walk through the crack on a deep and dark gorge
Adventure filmmaker Charlotte Workman filming two canyoneers bolting a pitch
A canyoneers abseils a narrow dark 25m waterfall, shot from below
One canyoneer abseiling and another on a ledge above a waterfall and dark gorge, shot from above
Adventure filmmaker Charlotte Workman filming from a small ledge above a waterfall in a gorge
A canyoneer hangs in their harness above a waterfall and dark gorge shot from above
A canyoneer coils a pink rope around their shoulders
A canyoneer looks up while hangind above a waterfall
Adventure filmmaker Steve Small looking at friend in a dark gorge tight
A canyoneer smiles at friend infront of waterfall
Two canyoneers hanging from abseil above a waterfall in a dark gorge shot from below
A tight shot of a canyoneer holding an expansion bolt attached to the wall by a pink rope
A canyoneer abseils a narrow waterfall shot from above
A canyoneer looks up holding a rope waiting for a bag to be lowered down shot from above
A drone pilot looks up holding a remote control
A canyoneer abseils down a narrow 25m waterfall into a dark gorge
A canyoneer abseils a large white waterfall while adventure filmmaker Charlotte Workman films
Adventure filmmaker Charlotte Workman films two canyoneers in a dark gorge
Canyoneer puts back on bag in front of waterfall
A canyoneer abseils in a waterfall from above