The Adventure Photographers [TAP] are a team of uniquely skilled outdoor photographers who work throughout the UK capturing adventures for activity providers, companies & expedition teams.

All profits are invested into environmental conservation

TAP was established in Spring 2019 by Charlotte Workman & Steve Small shortly after returning from the mountains of Japan.

Both having spent many years working in the adventure industry as photographers & guides we have made great friends in wild places and already work with an increasing number of activity providers in Scotland.

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We believe adventures in wild places are important.

Exploring & enjoying these incredible places of nature needs encouraged, preserved & celebrated. Then we can work from a place of deeper understanding when we protect it

We use our outdoor skills & experience to capture adventures in hard to reach places. Whether that’s suspended over a plummeting waterfall in a canyon, safely standing among the waves in a whitewater river or atop a tough-to-climb mountain top.

We love being in challenging conditions.

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We work with providers across the UK and beyond to offer our 'Experience' service to clients on their trips.

Spreading our passion for adventures in nature.

Furthermore we create dynamic promotional material for outdoor companies, bringing more people through the door and out into the wild.

We have the skills to join multi-day expedition teams as autonomous outdoors people and capture the adventure in both stills and video to share on a global stage.

Check out our Environment page to find out how we're reinvesting all profits into environmental conservation.

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We offer a number of Photography/Videography services to suit a variety of adventurous needs

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