We are stoked to see Danny Watts' long awaited guidebook on canyoning in Scotland released this summer

The Adventure Photographers capture Ben throwing the rope setting a guided rappel in Tummel canyon Scotland

Ben throwing the rope as he sets up up a guided rappel in Tummel canyon in Perthshire

Adventure Photographers capture canyoneer Charlotte Workman cliff jumping whilst canyoning in falls of Acharn Scotland

TAP shooter Charlotte jumping big in Acharn canyon, Perthshire. The waterfall in the picture is a 6m slide

After years of exploration, first descents & designing topographical maps, the book is now out adorned with some of our very own photography

The Adventure Photographers capture abseiler rapelling on big waterfall Grey Mare's Tail Kinlochleven Scottish Highlands

The final abseil of Grey Mare's Tail canyon is a grand 67m rebelay. Meiko on the 50m section.

The canyons covered include playful classics in Perthshire such as Bruar Falls and Acharn canyon

Rapelling in high aquatic waterfall in Acharn canyon Scotland. Canyoning photography by The Adventure Photographers

There are two routes down the main falls in Acharn. River right is spectacular in high flow.

Abseiling in a cave like waterfall in Acharn canyon Scotland. Canyoning photography by The Adventure Photographers

River left takes you into a carved out slot section. Great for lower levels if not filled with flood debris.

The guidebook also reaches into the far north to include big committing descents like Dundonnel & Pharaoh's canyon

Professional canyoning photographers capture the deep dark world of Dundonnel Canyon as canyoneers rig the waterfalls

Dundonnel is deep, slippy and consequential. Olly & George on clean up.

Incredible jurassic world on the NC500, aquatic abseil in Ardressie falls AKA Pharaoh's canyon near Ullapool. Photos TAP

Meiko abseiling into the flow of an aquatic 35m in Pharaoh's canyon with the sea loch backdrop

Here at TAP, we specialise in canyoning photography.

We were proud to provide our photography for the guidebook - along side the author's own - to create a window into these aquatic worlds

The Adventure Photographers in Dundonnel canyon on the NC500 exploring deep gorges and waterfalls canyoning canyoneering

George entering the hidden world of Dundonnel canyon

TAP shooter Steve even makes the front cover, descending the great Grey Mare's Tail canyon as captured by head photographer Charlotte

Steve Small of The Adventure Photographers backlit figure abseiling waterfall in Highlands Grey Mare's Tail Kinlochleven

TAP Shooter Steve backlit as the summer afternoon sun lights up the Grey Mare's Tail final pitch

Pick up a copy in your local book shop or through the link below