'The Peaks of Europe' are a spectacular range so called because their towering limestone pinnacles were what Atlantic sailors first saw of the approaching continent

After taking the one and only uplift into the 'Picos', we pulled away from the handful of other visitors and skinned deeper into the range with our splitboards, cameras & overnight gear

Miles of wild terrain awaited us, the only other life being wild Cantabrian chamois, huge vultures and aerobatic Alpine choughs

Adventure photographer ski mountaineering in Picos de Europa Spain with limestone mountains behind
Two griffin vultures circle in thermals in a cloudless blue sky above the Picos de Europa Spain
A man looks out over a snowy plateau to a herd of Alpine chamois in the Picos de Europa, Spain
Silhouette of a black Alpine Chough bird flying with wings spread in front of a sunlit mountain in Picos de Europa Spain

Backlit snowflakes burst from under our boots as we kicked into the half frozen slope. It was the final pitch straight toward the lowering sun. A silhouetted dome with an elongated entrance came into view. Like a sci-fi metalic igloo complete with solar set up

A silver metal half sphere hut with a blue door. Cabana Refugio Veronica in Fuente de, Picos de Europa

Cabaña Verónica is an old gun turret of an anti-aircraft vessel from the second World War, repurposed into a free to use mountain refuge

The view from the doorway is a wonderful reward as it peers down the valley from where we came in the southeast

Looking through the door of a metal mountain hut called Cabana Veronica to the mountains of Picos de Europa.

There is nothing quite like experiencing a silent sunset, a starry night and soul-feeding sunrise high in the mountains

Warm orange light touches snowy mountains at sunrise. The shade is a deep blue and the sky blue and cloudless
Stars above a mountain silhouette in the peaks of europe behind a domed mountain hut with light comin from round windows
Naranjo de Bulnes mountain viewed at sunset from Cabana Refugio Veronica in Picos de Europa, Spain

After breakfast of porridge we smoothed skins on skis before sunrise and headed southwest into a playful bowl. With lines still left undone we carried on up and down exploring different zones to the south and east

Ski tourer attaching climbing skins to skis at sunrise in Picos de Europa, Spain
Two ski tourers attach climbing skins to skis at sunrise outside Cabana Refugio Veronica in Picos de Europa, Spain
Adventure Photographer Charlotte Workman ski touring away from a refugio in Picos de Europa, Spain at sunrise

The spring like conditions were ideal for bootpacking with crampons up shady couloirs and riding sun softened snow on the other side.

The proximity to the Atlantic - only about 20kms - meant expansive views of the ocean from the 2600m peaks

Adventure Photographer Charlotte Workman ski mountaineering into the sunshine with ice axe in Picos de Europa, Spain
Photographer Charlotte Workman mountaineering on a triangular ridge in Picos de Europa with Naranjo de Bulnes behind
Adventure Photographer Steve Small splitboarding in an orange jacket away down a snowy gulley in Picos de Europa, Spain

Los Picos are spectacular for an adventurous backcountry trip. You won't often get powder days here - and if so they come with volatile avalanche danger - but the spring-like cycle offers up ideal conditions to explore these beautiful peaks and valleys

A splitboarder does a heel side snowboard turn in front of the big triangular peak of Pico Tesorero
Adventure Photographer Charlotte Workman splitboarding and smiling with her arms wide in front of her snowboard tracks

Gracias por la aventura Picos!

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